Friday, October 29, 2004

cheney vinyl by dj shadow



Thursday, October 28, 2004

photoshop in the campaign

1. a photoshop enhanced image of the bulge during the debate. the guy who did this enhacement apparently works for nasa analyzing the surface of saturn.

bush bulge

2. a frame from a bush as showing his wide support among the military. they used to clone tool to fill out the crowd...the funny thing is they could have easily rounded up enough soldiers for a real photo.

this article is titled "One dedicated soldier backs the "war" prez -- en masse"

3 soldier clones

you have to view a short ad to see the pictures.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

what's up, npr rules!

politically concious (neutral or relatively so) design from AIGA'sget out the vote.

and the npr report with my girlfriend, melissa block. along with other related reports.

Monday, October 25, 2004



The number of places in the broadcast world in which campaign information will be blaring this week is tremendous, even when compared to the 2000 election, though some media experts say that does not necessarily mean that more valuable information will be available.

"It's partly because there are more venues, but it's also because so many more Americans are getting their political information from nonnews venues now," said Tom Rosenstiel, the director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington. "This is why Dr. Phil gets to interview the presidential candidates now."

Mr. Rosenstiel said that "people might think it's undignified, but it's where we are now," but added that the danger in the trend is the possibility "that our political figures will someday be able to hide permanently in the tall grass of the soft alternative news media."


Sunday, October 24, 2004


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

an interesting method of analysis

a check list
and his site in general (though if you couldn't tell he has a partisan agenda playing)


ads from both parties

with a side of analysis

and w/out
george bush
john kerry


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

just to keep all things equal and all...

a letter from ed gillespie to your friends at rock the vote...

it would be interesting to find out what else RtV are not supposed to talk about...


Monday, October 18, 2004

Jon Stewart on Crossfire



Broad strokes

Another NYTimes Article about Bush's "faith-based" policies

"The influence of President Bush's faith on his foreign policy has been greatly exaggerated by both friends and foes. .... Yes, Mr. Bush's faith influences his foreign policy, but not in the ways we commonly think. And it does so in a manner that will make some people uncomfortable while inspiring others. It is crucial, however, that we make distinctions between what George W. Bush really believes and what we think he believes."

And we must make distinctions between what the candidates believe, what they do, and how the media spins what they believe and what they do. (Like what was actually said in the debates vs. what analysts/party people say about the debates afterward.) Words and ideas (and images) get thrown around, but do people really get it? Broad strokes vs. details.

This isn't directly related, but I find it scary and very sad: Corporate Sponsorship in and on and around Schools. (Is there an implied line that separates politics from sponsors? Would it be blasphemy for the presidential candidates to show up to televised debates wearing suits with company ads sewn into them like race car drivers' suits full of sponsors' logos? Politics is removed from that..., right???)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

"appealing to voters' emotions"

New York Times article
"In one of President Bush's latest advertisements, a clock ticks menacingly as a young mother pulls a quart of milk out of a refrigerator in slow motion, a young father loads toddlers into a minivan and an announcer intones ominously, 'Weakness invites those who would do us harm.'

"In one of Senator John Kerry's recent commercials, a man shoots a machine gun into the air, a car bursts into a huge orange fireball and a group of Iraqi men carry what appears to be an injured person on a stretcher as an announcer says, 'Now Americans are being kidnapped, held hostage - even beheaded.'

"In the final days before the election, the campaigns and the outside groups supporting them are taking an already unusually intense and confrontational advertising war into grim new territory, with some of the most vivid and evocative images and messages seen in presidential commercials in a generation, political analysts and historians say.

"At work, they say, are direct appeals to fear, with Mr. Bush's campaign and supportive groups making the case that a vote for Mr. Kerry is a vote for insecurity at home, and liberal groups and Mr. Kerry using commercials to make the case that Mr. Bush's Iraq policy has caused needless deaths that will continue if he stays in office."


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

bush is short



cool video


so, uh...the video isn't working anymore but you can read about it

video captures:


race "condenses"

from the right-wing/conservative Daily News out of NYC:

it would be of interest - hint hint - to track these developments in the next few weeks as reports of candidates abandoning states can be more important than the actual reality of the candidate abandoning a state...


omgzzzz in the mind of babezzz

what's voting?

could it possibly be more important than this headline???

as a modern preteen american consumer, i <3 my mtv.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"cognitive deficiencies"

interesting thesis:

and if you were ever curious about "multimedia & cross-platform integration" this site has it (yay! i think)


reinterpreting the iconic voting booths from florida 2000

Intresting little design project they took up at Parsons in NY...

the video game

just checking to see if we can also link video streams


the "lump"

as we have discussed this image in particular in class, thought every one would like to see it for themselves...


Bush on Sovereignty

"sovereignty is sovereignty"
Most of you have seen this, but it never gets old...


john kerry = my crush

oh so hooooot.

article on kerry with accompanying interesting pictures.

-kelly again

image test

(Sorry the images are so huge. But it works, if you upload the image onto your webspace, make sure it's viewable by the public, and then type in [img src="http://sitelinkhere.whatever"] replacing [] with <>. HTML is fun.)

I sort of started grouping the stuff on the board in the classroom. Voting to the left, then war/military imagery, then debate shots, a little section of foreign opinions, then VP stuff, then funny/editorial/cartoony stuff, then are Leslie's Time magazines. Vaguely. Open to change.

John Kerry's Official Web Site

They have a blog.

George W. Bush's Official Re-election Site
It's interesting that he has photos of Kerry on his site...4 very obvious things referencing his opponent right on the front page. There is also a blog.

Most of the policy tabs on Kerry's site all show him speaking to a crowd seriously.
The policy tabs on Bush's site all have banners with photos of him smilingly interacting with citizens and quotes that glow. (Sort of reminiscent of tv commercials for Sunday church shows....? I don't know how to describe it.) (I noticed in the debate screen shots, Kerry seems to always have the same serious expression or variations of it, and Bush has more variation. Especially when he makes jokes/comments and such.)
Both of their environmental tab photos are sort of nice, green, and cheesy.
Someone wanna do a font analysis for the sites?


a political game

if you guys have an hour or so to kill, the bush game is fun and informational.

this guy is known for his emo games where good bands battle bad bands, so perhaps this is his take on the continuously politically fun debate of good prez v. bad prez. it ends up leading you to the kerry website and manages to throw in some researched facts along the way. so rather than being a radical, he has an informed motive.

p.s. get your war on follows all aspects of politics.


Friday, October 08, 2004

da debate

it's not an image, but a comment. i'm watching the presidential debates round two. and a reaccuring shot for the debate is a head shot of the one candidate while the other is speaking. bush looks as if he is about to run out of the room or beat someone up whereas kerry looks composed and mild. i'm watching it at my parent's with a bunch of middle aged people and one of them has to close her eyes b/c bush's face keeps making her uncomfortable. it just goes to show that facial expressions speak a lot to the public and help identify if they knows at all what there talking about. bush? not getting a good vibe from you. if we could find pictures...i'll keep an eye out.


howdy all

here are few sites to add to the list (many thanks to christina for setting this up...)
center-moderate news analysis
"non-partisan" site set up by Columbia Journalism Review for the 2004 election
left-of-center/partisan democrat
left/progressive + comics

non blogs
tally of weekly polling data from all public polls with a map
another site that compiles the daily and weekly results from various polls
running tally of the cost of the military incursion into iraq


sample ballot for Travis County

Vote for candidates at all levels of government on November 2. Download this sample ballot (PDF) to find out who's running, and then figure out what they stand for and vote accordingly.

Travis County sample ballot



This is usually humorous and informative.

Cheers, Hunter

for a list of journalist blogs. There should be a subsection for political blogs, or at least bloggers at the democratic/republican conventions somewhere on there.