Monday, October 18, 2004

Broad strokes

Another NYTimes Article about Bush's "faith-based" policies

"The influence of President Bush's faith on his foreign policy has been greatly exaggerated by both friends and foes. .... Yes, Mr. Bush's faith influences his foreign policy, but not in the ways we commonly think. And it does so in a manner that will make some people uncomfortable while inspiring others. It is crucial, however, that we make distinctions between what George W. Bush really believes and what we think he believes."

And we must make distinctions between what the candidates believe, what they do, and how the media spins what they believe and what they do. (Like what was actually said in the debates vs. what analysts/party people say about the debates afterward.) Words and ideas (and images) get thrown around, but do people really get it? Broad strokes vs. details.

This isn't directly related, but I find it scary and very sad: Corporate Sponsorship in and on and around Schools. (Is there an implied line that separates politics from sponsors? Would it be blasphemy for the presidential candidates to show up to televised debates wearing suits with company ads sewn into them like race car drivers' suits full of sponsors' logos? Politics is removed from that..., right???)


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