Tuesday, October 12, 2004

image test

(Sorry the images are so huge. But it works, if you upload the image onto your webspace, make sure it's viewable by the public, and then type in [img src="http://sitelinkhere.whatever"] replacing [] with <>. HTML is fun.)

I sort of started grouping the stuff on the board in the classroom. Voting to the left, then war/military imagery, then debate shots, a little section of foreign opinions, then VP stuff, then funny/editorial/cartoony stuff, then are Leslie's Time magazines. Vaguely. Open to change.

John Kerry's Official Web Site

They have a blog.

George W. Bush's Official Re-election Site
It's interesting that he has photos of Kerry on his site...4 very obvious things referencing his opponent right on the front page. There is also a blog.

Most of the policy tabs on Kerry's site all show him speaking to a crowd seriously.
The policy tabs on Bush's site all have banners with photos of him smilingly interacting with citizens and quotes that glow. (Sort of reminiscent of tv commercials for Sunday church shows....? I don't know how to describe it.) (I noticed in the debate screen shots, Kerry seems to always have the same serious expression or variations of it, and Bush has more variation. Especially when he makes jokes/comments and such.)
Both of their environmental tab photos are sort of nice, green, and cheesy.
Someone wanna do a font analysis for the sites?



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